IEEE Conference on Network Softwarization
25-29 June 2018 – Montreal, Canada


How  to design smart softwarized networks to meet the challenges of low-latency services?

Rationale: Currently, network operators and service providers are adopting network softwarization models. These models allow for faster and easier deployment, configuration, and updating of network functions. There is a current trend towards augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR), applications requiring high bandwidths and ultra-low latency. These AR/VR applications can be used for efficient collaborations between remote participants, smart city use cases, entertainment, but also in healthcare and therapy scenarios. These applications are highly interactive and hence require an ultra-low latency network. 

Before the mentioned applications can be widely deployed and used to their full potential, the question remains to be answered whether large-scale adoption of softwarization models will allow for robustly providing ultra-low latency applications. Several research efforts are ongoing to make sure that softwarized networks can meet the needed low-latency requirements and are robust in the occurrence of failures of network components, servers, and even datacenters. It is also unclear whether current network security solutions will be able to efficiently cope with large-scale virtualized networks environments and be resilient against intrusion attempts and massive denial-of-service attacks.

For this reason, we gather distinguished experts from industry and academia with large expertise in this area, who will provide us interesting insights.

The following topics -amongst others- will be discussed:

  • how can AI and ML help for robustly providing ultra-low latency applications?
  • can ultra-low-latency be achieved in softwarized networks?
  •  how to provide fault diagnosis and fast recovery in virtualized environments?
  •  how will security management further evolve in softwarized networks?
  •  etc.

We expect lively discussions and count on all NetSoft 2018 participants (PhD students and experienced researchers from industry and academia) to ask questions and share their viewpoints.

Panel ModeratorFilip De TurckGhent University and iMinds, Belgium
Panel Members: to be confirmed soon

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